Bridal Shower Gifts

Having trouble thinking up a unique bridal shower gift?  We are here to help and this section will give you boundless gift ideas for this special occassion!

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by PaulaH

Is one of your friends getting married?  If so, you probably feel really happy for her and will do everything you can to help her with wedding plans or running errands.  Whether you are a friend or part of the family and whether or not you are in the bridal party or not, odds are you will be invited to the bridal shower.  The bridal shower is where friends of the bride get together, give her gifts and have some fun.  Traditionally bridal showers are for women only but nowadays more and more men are being invited to them and there are also couples showers.  Regardless of who will be there, though, bridal shower gifts are part of the tradition.

Once you receive the invitation to the shower you may wonder what bridal shower gifts you should get.  There are so many to choose from and so many great ideas for bridal shower gifts that you shouldn’t too hard of a time finding something appropriate.  There are bridal shower gifts available for all budgets and price ranges.  Typically bridal shower gifts are given specifically for the bride for her use or for the couple as they start their lives together.  You can get serious or novelty bridal shower gifts but you should get something you know the bride will like.

One of the first places you can start with bridal shower gifts is the couple’s registry.  You will probably be purchasing something from there for the wedding but perhaps you want to get an accompanying piece for the shower or possibly something completely different.  One of the great things about purchasing bridal shower gifts through the registry is that there is no guess work involved.  You don’t have to worry about duplications or getting something the bride won’t like since she picked out her wish list herself.

You can also consider bridal shower gifts that are specifically for the bride and something she can enjoy on her own as a reward for getting through the arduous task of planning a wedding.  A spa day, massage, clothing or lunch at her favorite restaurant would be ideal.  Another of the great bridal shower gifts that many people don’t think about is seasonal items.  Since most people buy household items that are used everyday, for the new couple starting out when it comes holiday time they may have nothing.  Buying a sampling of seasonal items will get them on their way at least when it is holiday time.

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