Second Honeymoon Ideas

A second honeymoon might be just what you need to revive your marriage and relationship with your partner.

Make sure to grab some member submitted romantic getaway ideas!

by PaulaH

Whether you want to take a second honeymoon because you didn’t get to go where you wanted the first time or you are celebrating a particular milestone, there are some great ideas from which you can choose. Going on a second honeymoon is particularly great for those who are also renewing their vows so you can recreate the romance of your wedding day complete with the honeymoon! Many people who are going through a milestone anniversary such as ten, twenty, twenty five or fifty years together opt for this. But even if it is only your first anniversary, if you didn’t get a chance to do something really special the first time around, there’s no reason you can’t now!

This is the time to splurge a little bit so start planning early for the best prices. You can get package deals to various locations or you can often get discount fares and accommodations with a little planning. Even if you have an unlimited budget and are planning on your dream second honeymoon, there’s no reason not to save some money where you can. If you do, you’ll have more to spend on those trinkets, souvenirs and mementos you’ll be sure to bring home.

How about a romantic cruise to a tropical destination? These are typically all inclusive and you get meals, drinks, entertainment and fabulous destinations for one price. Going abroad is particularly popular for second honeymoons. Greece, Italy, France and England are some of the more popular destinations where you can soak up the culture as well as the romance in some of the world’s most renowned cities. For retirees who have some time on their hands, how about renting an RV and taking a trip around the country, stopping at interesting destinations? New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Hawaii, Colorado and Alaska are also great honeymoon destinations with a variety of different activities and sites to see.

If you are having trouble coming up with the best destinations for your second honeymoon, start doing some Internet research or contact your local travel agent. Do you want a warm climate or a colder one? Are you looking to relax or go on an adventure? Do you want some fun night life or to immerse yourself in history? Think about what you would like to accomplish in addition to spending some quality time together and then start researching destinations. You will surely find the perfect romantic spot for your second honeymoon. 

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