Choosing Wedding Locations and Venues

Most of us have dreamed about our wedding since we were little and the perfect wedding venue is plays such an important role in planning your dream wedding.

Get some fresh ideas from our list of the Top 10 Wedding Venues!

by PaulaH

Now that you have accepted his proposal the fun starts!  Well, sometimes it’s fun and it should be fun but let’s face it, sometimes planning a wedding can be stressful.  There are a lot of details to consider and budget constraints not to mention the parents and in laws chiming in with their opinion.  You should be diplomatic and you should try to stick to your budget but you also need to remember that this is your day and you should have the final say.  Picking your wedding venues is just one of the many details to be considered but it is also one of the most important. 

There are several wedding venues that need to be considered.  Specifically, the places where your ceremony will be performed and where you will have your reception are the two that should be weighted with the most importance when it comes to wedding venues.  But, you will also need to consider a possible engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, pre wedding photography site, bachelor and bachelorette party locations.  You may also want to start considering honey moon destinations and lodging.  All those wedding venues are important as well.  When choosing wedding venues it is best to reserve them as early as possible and put down your deposits.  Once you have the main wedding venues selected, you can start planning other aspects of the wedding more effectively.

Before you can send out wedding invitations, arrange for wedding professionals and pin down the wedding party you will need your specific date and time.  Choosing your wedding venues is particularly important in this as you may need to adjust your ideal date and time accordingly if the wedding venues you want are already booked.  But once these wedding venues are locked in you can commence with picking out your wedding party, choosing a caterer, choosing a florist, hiring a band or DJ, reserving a photographer and of course getting your invitations. 

For the ceremony and reception wedding venues, there will likely need to be a deposit made to reserve the space and some require payment in full up front so be sure to account for that when budgeting for your wedding venues.  When choosing the other wedding venues, some may be free, some may require a reservation and some are casual and need no pre booking.  However, you should have an idea of where you want your wedding venues so you can be certain of the details.

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