Honeymoon Destinations

So your wedding went off without a hitch...what's next?  The honeymoon of course!  Some of us might even be lucky enough to have a family member pay for it as gift.

Check out our picks for the Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations.

by PaulaH

Congratulations on the big day.  You just went through probably months of arduous planning and stress to have the perfect wedding.  Everyone was there, you were the center of attention, you have great pictures and had a wonderful time.  Now, it’s time for one on one time with your new husband and you finally get to relax a little bit.  Your honeymoon is the perfect time to celebrate your love, just the two of you, without having to deal with the stress of any planning, pleasing in laws or wedding details.  You can just have some fun.  But where should you go on your honeymoon?  Choosing the perfect honeymoon destinations is one of the more fun parts of the wedding and one just for you. 

There are many options for honeymoon destinations that will be sure to suit your desires and your budget.  Do you want winter honeymoon destinations?  Colorado, Michigan and California are great honeymoon destinations that also won’t break the budget.  You can get travel costs fairly inexpensively and enjoy all the wonders of winter activities including skiing, ice fishing, sledding and snowmobiling.  For summertime honeymoon destinations, any beach location is ideal.  Some favorites among newlyweds include Florida, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Depending on your budget you can get value honeymoon destinations or go all out and splurge.

If budget is not an issue, you may want to consider over seas honeymoon destinations.  Some of the most romantic and exotic honeymoon destinations are outside the United States but also come with a bit more expense.  France and Italy are among the top rated honeymoon destinations over seas.  You will have to have a passport and plan early to get the most value for your money. 

Cruises and all inclusive resorts are also popular honeymoon destinations with newlyweds.  You can get a cruise to Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska and more.  The fun about cruises is how much there is to do on the boat along with the stops that are made for sight seeing.  Coming in an all inclusive package makes budgeting especially convenient. 

Some other top honeymoon destinations include Las Vegas, New York, Greece, England and Tahiti.  Wherever you decide to go, you will surely have a wonderful time.  Discuss with your husband the types of things you want to do and see as well as your budget.  From there, you can contact your local travel agent and get a variety of choices to have the most relaxing and fun filled honeymoon ever.

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  • PaulaH said,

    Some of my favs are Colorado, Costa Rica, British Columbia, and short weekend trips to Fredericksburg, Texas...wine country!

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