Valentine Ideas for Boyfriend

If you’ve been racking your brain looking for Valentine ideas for your boyfriend, you may be a little discouraged. Most of the Valentine’s Day marketing is geared toward making it a special day for women—leaving the poor men stuck with a credit card bill and a vague sense that there has to be more to romance than this.

by Paula Hines

This year, try making V-Day a special day for him. Of course, that may mean sacrificing some of your preconceived ideas of what the holiday is all about. But do you really need an over-priced bouquet of red roses and another dinner in an Italian restaurant?

Guys tend to like things simple and sweet. So consider planning an old school date that is as fun as it is romantic. How about finding a drive-in theater and seeing a double feature? Or an evening at a quaint amusement park complete with corn dogs, cotton candy and a ride on the Ferris Wheel? A night like this can take the pressure off of you both to act “romantic” and allow you to have a really good time.

Another Valentine’s Day idea for your boyfriend is planning an outdoor activity. Does he have a favorite outdoor pastime like biking or kayaking? Why not combine that with a romantic picnic in a secluded spot?

Few guys spend time pampering themselves, so if you really want to take care of your sweetheart, plan some pampering for him. Get him a therapeutic massage before your date so that he is completely relaxed. You can even schedule a couples’ massage where you will both get a rejuvenating full body massage in tandem.

A lot of men hate going out in crowded places to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So why not stay in? You can spend time shopping at your local gourmet market and then spend time sipping wine and preparing a fabulous meal together at home. Start a fire in the fireplace, pop in a romantic movie, and fire up the fondue pot for some chocolate covered strawberries!

If you really want to make his Valentine’s Day, buy some sexy lingerie and wrap it up as a gift to him. When he opens it, he’ll realize exactly what it’s for and won’t be able to wait for you to try it on. You could also buy him his own silk boxers or a luxurious robe to wear as you’re lounging together.

Most guys would be surprised and thrilled to have you plan something that lets him off the hook of planning a Valentine’s date. This year, make it all about him—and he’ll make sure you know how much he appreciates it.

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