Valentine Poems

Valentine poetry brings out the romantic in all of us and this Valentines Day is no exception. 

We have some great member submitted Valentine Poems to share with your loved ones.

by PaulaH

Poetry is often associated with Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are buying Valentine cards for your sweetie or trying your hand at an original ditty to show your significant other you care, valentine poems are a staple during the holiday.  One of the most romantic ways to show your loved one you care is to create a poem expressing your love and devotion to him or her.  Valentines poetry can take some time and effort but the rewards you get will certainly be worth it.  However, if you are not very good with words or have a problem writing original valentine poems, you can always take a cue from the literary masters.

There are many famous poets who have written valentines poetry perfectly suited for the occasion.  Even if you can’t create your own, it will still take some effort to peruse the plethora of love poems for valentines day available to find the one that suits your sweetheart the most.  He or she will recognize that and be appreciative of the effort.  One great way to use valentines poetry is to write a love letter.  You don’t need to worry about rhythm or rhyme or being flower with words.  Simply speak from the heart and write that the words in the valentines poetry better express your feelings.  Then copy the poem, making sure to cite the author also.

Using valentine poems in such a manner is incredibly romantic.  Another way to use love poems for valentines day to surprise your loved one is to attach the valentine poems to a series of presents.  Before opening a Valentine’s Day gift, your loved one will read the valentines poetry and be filled with love and warm feelings toward you.  This is also a great way to use multiple pieces of valentine poems when you just can’t decide on one particular piece.  While most poets have indulged in some form of valentines poetry regardless of their typical genre, there are some poets more well known for their romantic pieces than others.  When looking for valentine poems, pay particular attention to the following authors:

* William Blake
* William Wordsworth
* Samuel Taylor Coleridge
* Lord Byron
* Percy Bysshe Shelley
* John Keats
* William Shakespeare
* Margaret Atwood
* Anne Bradstreet
* Elizabeth Barret Browning
* Robert Browning
* Robert Burns
* Robert Frost
* Emily Dickinson

The above authors are notable for their many romantic poems that are perfectly suitable to valentine poems for whatever it is you want to use them for.  If you want to try your hand at original valentines poetry, it also helps to read many of these authors for inspiration.  While you do not want to copy them, you may just get some great ideas for valentines poetry where you can create your own.

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