Top Ten Ways to Propose Marriage

A marriage proposal is something never forgotten. Make sure it is even more memorable by putting a lot of thought and planning into how you will pop the question. Every person is different, so cater to what you feel will be most romantic for your partner.

If you need some ideas, here are our top ten wasy to propose marriage:

1. First date – Remember the magic of your first date? Did you know at that time you would end up falling in love and marrying? Recreate the first date by retracing your steps and going on the same date you did when you first met. Then before going home, get on one knee and ask her to marry you.

2. Walk on the beach – Take a stroll in the sand holding hands while the waves crash along the beach and the moon lights the sky. There is no more romantic setting than the beach at night to set the scene for a romantic proposal.

3. Romantic restaurant – Have the maître d’ bring the ring out to you during dessert after a romantic evening at a fine restaurant. Or, have it slipped into the bottom of a champagne glass and propose a toast first then propose to her.

4. Billboard – Imagine coming home after a long day and passing the same billboard you always pass. This time, though, instead of the usual advertisement there is a “Will you marry me?” question on it with both your names. What a surprise at such a grand gesture.

5. Adventure – Is your bride to be the adventurous type? Try a non traditional proposal while embarking on an adventure. Scuba diving, sky diving, rock climbing or skiing can be the most romantic place to pop the question for those who like a little creativity and adventure.

6. Fortune cookie – If Asian food is something you both enjoy order take out or arrange an evening in your favorite restaurant. After dinner when the fortune cookies arrive, the message inside asks her to marry you.

7. Box of chocolates – A box of chocolates is traditionally a romantic gesture anyway. If you take out the center piece of chocolate though and replace it with an engagement ring, that box of chocolates will be remembered long after all the sweets are eaten.

8. Red rose – Surprise her with a single long stemmed rose. The beauty of the gesture is highly romantic but if you carefully place a ring in the center of the bud, when she brings it to her nose she will get a much welcomed surprise.

9. Family event – If family is very important, arrange for a time when everyone is gathered to pop the question. This can be during a family event or holiday. The entire family can celebrate the joy and share in the moment.

10. Surprise party – It will certainly be a surprise when she discovers the party is for her so she can be asked to marry you. With friends and family gathered, the proposal can turn into an impromptu engagement party as well.

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