Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $20

Whether it is your first anniversary or your fiftieth, this is a special time to commemorate the love you have for one another. 

Christmas gifts should be more about the thought you put into them rather than the amount you can spend. In today’s economy, many families are on a tight holiday budget. But you don’t have to sacrifice that Christmas morning thrill just because you’re not running up the credit cards.

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $20:

1. Ornaments - Christmas ornaments are a wonderful, traditional gift that is also very affordable. There are thousands of unique ornaments that are can reflect the individual hobbies or interests of the recipients. Year after year they will cherish the ornament you gave them as it adorns their family Christmas tree.

2. Books - Books can be one of the most personal gifts. You can select volumes that reflect your loved one’s personal interests, hobbies, or collections. Most books can be bought for under $20, and you’ll be able to write a personal message inside the cover to make it even more treasured.

3. Games - Games make a wonderful gift for family members of all ages. Whether a classic board game like Clue! Or Risk; or traditional games like checkers or chess. You’ll be able to break them out and play with the family during the holidays, making memories that will last.

4. iTunes - Almost everyone has an iPod, and even if they don’t the iTunes application is used to keep and organize music collections on the computer. iTunes gift cards can be given in $10, $15, $20 denominations and will let your family enjoy the music of their choice thanks to your generosity.

5. Jewelry - Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful! There are many jewelry artists that work with silver, pewter, glass, crystal, and natural stone beads to create gorgeous earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all at affordable prices. In many ways, these handmade pieces are often more exquisite than the overpriced jewelry you see in the mall stores.

6. Scented Candles - Candles are a wonderful gift that can be appreciated by the entire family. Scented candles come in every size, shape, color and fragrance. Spoil your mother with a gardenia scented candle, or give your sister a cotton candy scented one. You can also find scented candles in unique holders which will add a decorative touch to your loved one’s home or room.


7. Spa Products - Bubble bath, luxurious body creams, body scrub, foot lotion—there are lots of luxurious spa products that you can buy individually or in gift sets. Pamper your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife without spending a fortune.

8. Stationary - Paper products like note cards, journals, and other specialized writing accoutrements make a wonderful gift. In this age of technology, handwritten notes are the ultimate personal touch, and having monogrammed notepaper or thank you cards are appreciated. There are many stores that sell luxurious paper products to fit any budget.

9. Gadgets - Lots of gadgets abound around the holidays and these can be a great way to treat the men in your life without breaking the bank. Desk thermometers, space pens, and other cool items will make your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband the talk of the office.

10. Gift Cards - If you’re still at a loss, consider giving gift cards to your loved ones’ favorite stores. Book store for mom, home improvement store for dad, shoe store for sis, sporting goods store for your brother; everyone gets what they want!

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