Top Ten Romantic Vacation Spots

Every couple needs to get away from time to time. With today’s busy society having to juggle work and family life, it is important for a couple to get out of the house together for some alone time.

Going on a romantic vacation for two is just what is needed to rekindle the romance and keep it alive. There are many places throughout the world to vacation but our top ten list of the romantic vacation spots is an ideal starting point for a trip for two:

1. Hawaii – Hawaii’s beaches and culture are well known for its breathtaking beauty and diversity. Lovers can tour the many different beaches, sight see, take a helicopter tour, snorkel and dine in luxury in one of the many restaurants featuring various cuisines.

2. France – Who doesn’t consider France as a romantic vacation spot? Dining in a romantic restaurant, dimly lit with sumptuous fare can not be topped. Touring the city that is rich with history and culture is an adventure. Stopping at local cafes for a cup of coffee while taking in the view is sure to put a spark of romance back into the relationship.

3. Greece – History buffs will certainly appreciate exploring the ruins and famous landmarks within Greece. You can soak up the culture during the day with sight seeing. Or, you can relax and enjoy one another on one of the many beautiful beaches. Nightlife in Greece is fun so grab your dancing shoes.

4. Africa – A jungle safari can not be beaten for the adventurous types. Imagine hunting large game while in the jungle. If hunting is not your thing, go on a photo safari. You will see exotic wildlife and greenery abounding. This trip is sure to get the heart pounding a little faster.

5. Australia – The beauty of Australia’s beaches and Great Barrier Reef is well known. Australia has a laid back culture and fun atmosphere. The beaches are superb for romantic getaways and you can dive, snorkel and swim in the crystal clear waters.

6. New York – The hustle and bustle of New York is a great place for a couple to explore. There are so many opportunities for fun including the theater, shopping and fine dining. New York is going all the time and there is something for everyone in this city.

7. Italy – Venice, Rome, Tuscany and Florence are always listed among the most romantic cities and there’s good reason. The quaint country side and beautiful scenery will take you back to an old world romance. Dining in Italy is second to none.

8. New England – The northeast United States is known for its beautiful architecture and classic cuisine. You can dine in style while looking across beautiful scenery. The beaches are wonderful and the sight seeing is perfect for strolling together.

9. Jamaica – Fun in the sun is a recipe for romance in Jamaica. Pamper yourselves while sipping fruity cocktails on the beach. Swim in the sea while looking at exotic fish and coral.

10. Caribbean – Take a cruise through several of the islands to get the most out of a romantic Caribbean vacation. Exploring all the areas and stopping at the multiple beaches to relax is a great way to incite romance.

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