Top Ten Romantic Movies

If you want to get that special someone in the mood, there is no better lead in than cuddling together to watch a romantic movie. Some are funny and some are real tear jerkers, but all are sure to get a spark of romance started.

These top ten romantic movies are a sure fire way to get things kicked off in the romance department:

1. Casablanca – This classic love story is bound to be at the top of anyone’s most romantic movie list and if you have not yet seen it you will soon know why.

2. Sleepless in Seattle – Overcoming odds, an intense draw to someone, family relationships and starting anew are among the themes of this movie. It is romantic and uplifting.

3. Gone with the Wind – This epic movie has it all: history, lavish costumes, old South charm, action, a Southern belle and a rakish rogue. What more could someone ask for in a romantic movie?

4. Titanic – Enduring love and loving above all else are the themes to this cinematographic masterpiece. The ladies will love the story and the men will love the special effects. Actually, the men might love the story too but might not tell you.

5. An Affair to Remember – This classic film is both fun and poignant. It is a great film but make sure you have the tissues handy.

6. An Officer and a Gentleman – Men and women alike seem to love this movie. There is action and adventure interwoven with an uplifting love story.

7. The Notebook – This modern classic is one that is sure to please old and young lovers alike. The spanning of generations to tell this tale of love between two people meant to be together forever will haunt you.

8. When Harry Met Sally – From a couple who can’t stand each other to an enduring friendship and finally to romance, this romantic comedy is light hearted but incredibly sensitive. A beautiful film about a lasting relationship going through many phases.

9. Love Actually – This is a movie with an ensemble cast exploring many different types of relationships and loves. This is perfect for anyone who wants to watch a great film with a few laughs, a few tears and many happy endings.

10. Romeo and Juliet – What list would be complete without the classic tale of tragic young love? Shakespeare’s most famous play was adapted into a spectacular classic movie and was also redone into an adapted modern version. Either one is ideal for a romantic date night.

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