Top Ten Kissing Tips

Nobody ever thinks they are a bad kisser. However, statistics may indicate that at least some of you are deluding yourselves. Kissing is an art form that takes practice, concentration and attention as well as some plain and simple skill.

You aren’t born knowing how to kiss, it is a learned activity. So if you have not yet learned some proper techniques, this top ten list can help you develop them:

1. Intimacy – Create a private area where you kiss, especially if it is the first time. Ensure there are no watchful eyes or chance of an embarrassing encounter. You want to have the other person completely absorbed in you and not worried about possible distractions. Choose the location wisely.

2. Go slowly – Don’t rush a kiss. Explore the other person’s mouth and lips slowly. Build up the passion before intensifying the kiss. Make the other person want more. Make the other person breathless in anticipation before moving in.

3. Read the signs – There is nothing worse than moving in for a kiss to end up in an awkward back and forth of kiss and dodge. It is awkward for both parties and can ruin an experience. Even if there is chemistry, there may be reasons the other person is not ready to kiss just yet. So watch for body language and move slowly to ensure the other person is receptive.

4. Tease – Make a kiss last and tantalize with your lips, hands and body. Make the other person crave the deepening of the kiss. Kiss the corners of the mouth and brush your lips against theirs teasingly.

5. Use your hands – A kiss is an entire experience. Make sure you use your hands to caress their face and brush back their hair. Put your hand on their neck and pull them in closer.

6. Move to face and neck – When kissing you don’t have to concentrate completely on their lips and mouth. Kiss their cheek, run your lips along their jaw and the sensitive areas of the neck. This is meant to arouse and continue the kiss.

7. Check the breath – You know it is a possibility you may kiss at some time in the evening so make sure you have some mints available especially if you have eaten dinner. You want the experience to be as pleasant as possible.

8. Close your eyes – You don’t have to be obsessive about it and a certain amount of eye contact before and after you pull away slightly can be very intense. However, don’t stare at your partner through the whole thing; it can be construed as creepy as opposed to romantic.

9. Check the tongue – It doesn’t matter how passionately you feel, watch the tongue when kissing. There is nothing less appealing than having someone’s tongue jammed down your throat.

10. Don’t ask – Read the signs as to whether or not the other person wants to kiss. Do not ask if you can kiss them. First, it puts them in an awkward position and also it leaves the opportunity for rejection.

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  • Carla said,

    This is a very good Top 10! Everyone loves a good kiss. Keep up the awesome work Paula!

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