Top Ten Dating Tips

Dating can be tricky business. You want to be at your best and enjoy your date but sometimes nerves can get the best of you. This is especially true if you haven't dated in awhile and are a bit out of practice.

It is important to know what steps should be taken in order to make the most of your dating experience. While nobody can guarantee a perfect date if there is simply no chemistry, if you adhere to the top ten dating tips your chances of having a good date increase dramatically:

1. Look your best – Even if you are going out to a casual lunch or going to do something outdoors for a date, make sure you dress appropriately and groom appropriately. One of the fastest ways to turn a potential partner off is to look shabby. Wear clothing appropriate for the occasion and make sure that the clothing is clean and neat. Be freshly showered and groomed so you look and smell wonderful regardless of what you plan to do.

2. Listen – When your date is talking, do not seem distracted or uninterested. Instead listen carefully to what they are saying and ask questions pertinent to the conversation. This will let your date know you really are listening and are interested in what they have to say.

3. Talk – Contribute to the conversation with interesting tidbits. Make sure you have a good give and take with the flow of the conversation and that neither of you is monopolizing the discussion. Having something interesting to say will impress your date and make them want to talk to you more, perhaps even have another date.

4. Choose wisely – While it may be tempting to date anyone and everyone who comes along, especially if you have hit a dry spell recently, this can backfire. If you have a number of unsuccessful dates, this can be more depressing than if you had none. So, decide what you want in a date and screen accordingly.

5. Be unique – When you are setting a date, the old standby of dinner and a movie is perfectly acceptable. However, it certainly is done a lot. For a first date especially, try something unique. This will make you seem more interesting and imaginative to your date and leave them intrigued. Giving the impression you have an imagination and are willing to try new things is desirable.

6. Leave them wanting more – If you are having the time of your life and feel you should go from zero to marriage in one date, try to contain yourself. While it may be tempting, playing a little hard to get is a good thing. You want that first date experience and jitters to be prolonged so the newness does not wear off quickly. Hold a little back and give a little more of yourself on each subsequent date.

7. Flirt – If you have some chemistry with the person you are dating and really think it may go somewhere, do some light flirting. This will show your interest and exude a sense of confidence which is highly attractive. Give compliments, casually touch the other person’s arm or leg and lean in to them when talking. This can be very flattering to the other person and make them even more interested in you.

8. Watch the alcohol – It is understandable that you may be nervous on a date and perhaps a cocktail will take the edge off a bit. However, do not overindulge. This will blur your senses and impair your judgment. You may think you are having the time of your life but the other person may think you are obnoxious. Hold off a bit and make sure you drink sparingly.

9. Have a sense of humor – There is nobody duller than a date with no sense of humor. Lighten up a bit, tell a joke, and see the humor in situations. It is perfectly acceptable to laugh at yourself or with your date. Be careful, though, not to cross the line into insulting by laughing at them, even if there is an embarrassing situation.

10. Make eye contact – Look at your date in the eye when talking. This will show your date you are paying attention and are interested. You can also deepen the gaze or get flirtatious if the chemistry is there. This will make your date know you find them appealing.

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