Top Ten Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether it is your first anniversary or your fiftieth, this is a special time to commemorate the love you have for one another. 

One favorite anniversary gift idea is to give a gift that coordinates with the appropriate symbol according to the year of anniversary. But, if that is not your thing, here are our top ten anniversary gift ideas that are perfect for any length of marriage:

1. Photo – Do you have a perfect picture of the two of you gazing lovingly at one another? How about a nostalgic photo of when you first met? Sign the picture with a personal note and get the picture framed. This is ideal for an office desk or bedroom.

2. Art work – Art is very personal and nobody should know your taste better than the one you married. This can be a great addition to the home and one that brings with it many memories.

3. Book – For the avid reader, a collection of books from a favorite author or various authors within a particular genre is a great idea. If your loved one has a favorite book, try to find a signed, first edition copy that can also be a collector’s item.

4. Jewelry – A diamond eternity band is perfect for the lady in your life to denote the many years your love has been sustained. For the gentlemen, a ring, necklace or a nice watch would be much appreciated and valued.

5. Vacation – What a romantic gesture to present your loved one with a second honeymoon. Whether a week or longer or simply a quick weekend getaway, having a vacation planned will be a surprise that is sure to be welcomed.

6. Personalized keepsake – There are various mementos such as jewelry boxes, figurines or paper weights that can be lovely additions to the home. Add in to that a personalized monogram or love note and it becomes even more special.

7. Love poem – What better way to say “I love you” than to express it in verse. If you are artistically inclined, a hand penned love poem dedicated specifically to your love will be treasured forever.

8. Pet – If you are not yet ready for children or do not want any, how about a family pet? A dog or cat is the perfect companion for your loved one and can be loved and cherished when the other is not around for whatever reason.

9. His and her spa day – This is a perfect time to relax and indulge one another in luxury. You can sit and chat during his and her massages or facials then go out on the town afterward feeling refreshed.

10. Dance class – Are you not Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers on the dance floor? How about some ballroom dance lessons for you and your love so you can ham it up a bit when you go out.

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