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Share your favorite romantic recipes for two or your favorite cocktail drinks with us. Grab some too for that perfect romantic dinner with your sweetheart tonight!

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Have you ever been on a date where you really thought that what you ate was as romantic as the evening you were having? Have you ever had your significant other prepare something so special for you that you thought it was a romantic recipe? What about a drink that you made just for that special someone that you thought was a really romantic gesture? Well this is the place where you can share your romantic recipes and drink suggestions with others. Make sure that if you submit content that is not original that you site the source of the romantic recipe. Thanks!

Spicing It Up with Romantic Recipes for Two

What better way to surprise your loved one than with a romantic meal you prepared just for them? You can set the table using the best china, open a bottle of champagne or wine and light the candles to set a romantic ambiance. Creating romantic recipes for two can create the perfect evening alone! Your loved one will appreciate all the thought and effort you put into creating the romantic recipe and the ambiance to set the mood. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for romantic recipes, think about intimate foods that are meant for two that are either luxurious or can be fed to one another.

Finger foods that you can feed to one another are great as romantic recipes. Consider items such as shrimp cocktail or stuffed mushrooms. Oysters on the half shell are the perfect example. They can be fed to one another and can be considered an aphrodisiac. For a main course, lobster or lamb is perfect. When it comes to romantic cooking, you can never forget the dessert! Rich confections and chocolate are perfect for a lovely evening at home together. Chocolate covered strawberries; a mousse or crème brulee is the perfect end to your fine meal and will set the tone for the evening.  Bone Appetite!!

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