• Lovers Night
    by PaulaH
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  • Ode to a Naked Beauty
    by PaulaH
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    Sexual Poetry – The Beauty Of Sex In Words!

    Ah! The beauty of sexual poetry! The words that drip of sensual desires – so pure and enlightening!

    It’s the poet’s choice to give his or her poem a hint of the forbidden fruit or let the words speak in-the-face, connoting the pleasures of love.

    Now, it doesn’t matter what you do in your bedroom. It’s just that your neighbor shouldn’t be intimated! The same holds true for sexual poetry. It doesn’t matter how and what you write about your sexual desires. It’s just that you must maintain the purity and sacredness of making love.

    Sexual poetry is not talking dirty. It’s depicting love in its most intimate and beautiful moments. It’s saying what you feel when your lover’s lips are locked with yours. It’s expressing the depth of the moment when your fingers are entwined with your lover’s. It’s not just how your heart feels when you’re in love; it’s about how your body reacts to the love - something that we call chemistry between two people.

    You feel love.
    You make love.
    Now, you write love!

    It’s blending chemistry with literature! Sexual poetry has the force to move hearts.


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