Secret Love

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Secret Love Poems For Secret Lovers

Have you ever written secret love poems for anyone? You don’t need to be a poet to do so. Love is such an emotion that when you feel it, two things happen. You either keep it to yourself so that no one knows of it or you express it with such flair that words just keep flowing.

Can you really keep love buried inside your heart for too long? Are you afraid of the world or are you looking for the right words to write secret love poems? If it’s the former, then here’s something by Kaycee that you’ll agree with:

“When u love some body you don't know how to keep it a secret
but yet u have to cause you don't want nobody to now
because YOUR scared of what people might think of you
Your scared to say I love you and I'm scared to do the same
but even I will always love u no matter what cause all I
KNOW is that YOUR my SECRET love.”

- Kaycee

But if you’re looking for the right words for writing your secret love poems, you might just be spinning your wheels. There are no “right” words for a poem. It just flows from the heart.

“The words are many. The love is infinite. The heart is beating for my beloved, day and night. Secret love poems will express my love; yet keep it a secret from the world.”


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