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Melt Your Lover’s Heart With A Poem To Say “I’m Sorry”

Here’s a terrific poem to say “I’m sorry” to your love:

“Sorry for each time I have hurt you
Sorry incase you do not like anything I say or do
Sorry for the times I have put up a fight
Sorry I don't understand why I just can't do anything right
Sorry if I am sometimes so complicated
Sorry for making you feel so frustrated
Sorry I am unable to fight back the tears
Sorry for times I kept you away from your peers.”

There are moments in love when you might fight with each other. Then, there are moments when you might regret what was said. This is when you realize how your sharp words have pierced the heart of your loved one. You can’t take your words back, but you can certainly put a few words together to write a poem to say I’m sorry.

The best way to write a poem to say I'm sorry is to just write from the heart. Words have the power to influence and heal to put your thoughts down on paper and give them to your lover as a poem. If words can break relationships, they can also mend and rekindle them. If they can hurt people, they can also heal them. A poem to say I'm sorry can melt your lover’s heart and bonds you closer with him/her.



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