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  • Love Can Be Found
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    by Adonis
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  • New Found Love
    by PaulaH
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  • Dreams
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    • uggboots05 said,

      beautiful absolutely

    • PaulaH said,

      Did u write this one Carla?

    • PaulaH said,

      Absolutely beautiful!

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    Use Native American Love Poetry To Express Your Undying Love

    Love is the most beautiful feeling that can be felt by a human being. Ancient literature has some exquisite love poems and quotes which use the right kind of expression and sentiments. If this sounds like an interesting way to tell your partner how much you love her, give Native American love poetry a try. Use it in your love letters.

    When you start to read some verses of Native American love poetry, you will come across various American poets like Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson who have penned down some great poetic works. Their poems from the Romantic period are an outburst of patriotism, nature, religion and romance, all coupled into one.

    Just search for what you want from among the works of these great poets and use the verses to express your love. Don’t now where to start? How about on WithLuv? You can easily find a huge collection of Native American love poetry by searching our member submitted favorite poems! Read through some, feel the emotions and select what you want. While reading, if the hidden poet in you gets inspired, you could also try and pen down a few lines yourself.

    Your lover is sure to be impressed by your manner of expressing your everlasting love. However, make sure that you do not overuse Native American love poetry as that would blow things out of proportion.

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