Lost Love

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Lost Love Poems – Your Lover May Be Lost; But Not Your Love!

Lost love poems help you discover the depth of your love; the pain that comes with it; and beckons a power within you - the power to break free of the chains of love. They make you consider what you learnt from the relationship. They help you cope with the crushing force that hits you when your love leaves you, stranded.

It seems as if you’re in a strange land. The whole world seems to be so distant. It’s like someone has suddenly snatched an important part of you. Some unknown force has torn your happiness and smashed your heart. Your love lies torn to pieces on the floor. An intense feeling of loneliness engulfs you, taking you further away from reality.

Now, you just wanna be left alone with your loneliness, blurting all you feel in your lost love poems. And you wanna read them again, and again – squeezing each word till all the pain comes out and caresses your heart.

Somebody has truly said, “Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met.” But, there are some people who don’t want to forget. So what if their lover has walked away? They still love them and will do so forever. They’ve captured their moments of love in words, in the form of lost love poems. Their love is very much alive for them.


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