Cyber Love

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  • chas said,

    that is exactly what im gonna through right now. he wants to be with me and i want to be with him but we have never seen each other in person so.... i don't really know what to do.

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Romantic Love Poetry Can Draw You Both Together

If you wish to pen down some romantic love poetry and do not know how to get started, here are some great tips on putting your words to paper for your cyber love or any love for that matter! Short sweet love poems are a wonderful way to express your feelings for your loved one. However, you needn’t go overboard. You should enjoy writing the poem.

Tips To Write Great Short Sweet Love Poems

You don’t need to learn the art of writing romantic love poetry. There is a romantic bone in each one of us. Still, if you are not very sure of your literary skills, you could take inspiration from some of the favorite short sweet love poems of all time. Here is what you need to do to write a love poem:

• First try to write the poem, yourself. Even a few simple rhyming lines can make an everlasting impression as long as they are innovative and give expression to your true emotions.
• If you met on the internet then make sure to include this in the poem since it's still a bit unique!
• If you want to borrow ideas, choose a good love poem. You could browse ours or maybe use your partner’s favorite poem [that is if you know which one he/she loves!]. Now write it on some scented paper or on a romantic card and give it to your loved one. You partner will hug and kiss you!
• You could even borrow some verses from old love songs and use them as romantic love poetry. Try burning a CD for this song or sing it out to her yourself.

Just a simple verse of romantic love poetry can impress your loved one. Now, are you ready to express your love, in a very special way by writing your own short sweet love poem!



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