• Down Wanton, Down
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  • May I Feel Said He
    by PaulaH
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    Having a Hard Time Writing A Funny Love Poem?

    Writing a funny love poem is definitely more difficult than penning down other kinds of poetry. But it’s not impossible! You could read some poems of the same genre to help you get an idea of what to include in your funny love poem. It’ll also help you decide whether you are capable of penning down the rhyming verses yourself or not. Non-rhyming funny poetry is also great. You could try you hand at that too!

    Need to Know How To Write A Hilarious Love Poem?

    Here are a few simple tips that can help.

    • Keep your loved one in mind and think of all the funny things and incidents that have occurred between you two (make sure they won't offend your honey).
    • It would be best if you make a list of all the funny incidents that have taken place. This would make your task of writing a funny love poem simpler.
    • Give a touch of sensuality to your funny verses to make it special and unique.
    • Also, include feelings that you are not able to express in usual circumstances.
    • Be free to use funny words that describe the love, joy and happiness that you share with your beloved.
    • Lastly, remember to keep the best part of the poem for the end. This would help create an everlasting effect in your darling’s mind.

    Once your funny love poem is ready, read it aloud again and again to make the required changes. Then gift your funny poem in a Jack-in-the box or something similar to make your loved one giggle and laugh.

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