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      I like Sex and I've written 2 Hot Scifi/Love books to prove it! I hope everyone at this site will enjoy some sample chapters from: Tomorrow's World #1 & TW2 Desert Trek by Steve Nelson

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    Love Making Stories To Spice up Your Marriage . . . Tonight!

    Today’s modern couples are so rushed and hurried that it can make it difficult to make time for romance . . . especially when you have children. If all of your latest love making stories involve having to get up to put the kids back to bed over and over again, then, read on to find our five easy ways to put the spark back in your marriage and help you create your own love making stories . . . tonight!

    Touch and Be Touched
    Always find some way to touch your spouse throughout the day. Feel of his face stubble before he shaves or brush his shoulders as you walk by. It keeps you connected all throughout the day.

    Send a Steamy Pic
    Snap a steamy pic of yourself and send it to your hubby’s cell. It will get the sparks flying before he even walks in the door!

    Cook Together
    Cooking is a great way to bond in the evening and a great way to focus your attention on each other. Feed each other throughout the meal for extra spice.

    Cuddle Up
    Even if it’s just for five minutes, cuddle beneath a blanket on the sofa. The closeness will remind you of being even closer.

    Share Love Making Stories
    Sharing some of your first love making stories as a couple is a great way to remember the romance you once had. Tell him the story of the first time the two of you made love as if he’d never heard it before. Be specific. It can be a great bonding experience and it will instantly heat up the sheets . . . guaranteed!

    Get Frisky Outdoors
    There is nothing sexier than spontaneity and new scenery adds to its excitement. Grab a few blankets and set up a tent near the back of your home where passing cars can’t see. The rest is up to you!

    Have a Sexy Photo Session
    Give your guy a camera and let him snap a few photos of you in your favorite lingerie or his shirt and ball cap. Let him be the director and see where the night takes you!

    Have Naked Sundays
    Christina Aguilera and her hubby enjoy what they call Naked Sundays. This means they spend the whole day in the buff. Try this with your mate for sure fire sparks even while the football game is on!

    Read our member's submitted love making and sexy stories to get some more ideas to heat things up in your relationship and don't forget to share some with us ~ Paula

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