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Adult Sensual Stories: Ways to Spice up Your Love Life Tonight

In today’s rushed and hurried world, it is hard to find time to breathe, much less find the time to spice up your love making life. If you have been putting off steaming things up read on to find three easy ways you can put a little spark in your relationship tonight.

Smooth Things Out
Try this trick during the summer months for a totally unique experience. Cover both your body and your partner’s with baby oil and make love on satin sheets. Cosmo swears by this technique that makes for a night worthy of remembering.

Read Adult Sensual Stories
The perfect bedtime story to curl up with; reading adult sensual stories to your partner will help set the mood. The best thing about reading is you can visualize you and your sweetie as the leading man and lady in the love stories.

Get Cooking
Believe it or not, cooking can be a very sensual experience. The art of eating and cooking has long been used as tools of seduction. Creating something together creates a feeling of unity. Feed your partner as you go along and don’t forget to stop for a few kisses!

Try some adult sensual stories on your partner to get things spiced up a bit tonight!

Share your adult and love making stories with us ~ Paula

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