While You Sleep

by AGonzalez
Jun 1 2009 at 11:15 PM


Do you know that I watch you while you sleep? I watch the peace that dawns on your face when you achieve that blissful state of restfulness. I watch your eyelids flutter ever so softly as the last vestiges of consciousness ebb away. I watch the rise and fall of your chest as your breathing becomes more regular, letting me know that slumber has finally taken over you. I watch the faintest hint of a smile cross your face, and I find myself wondering if you're dreaming of walking on sun-kissed beaches, and if I'm right by your side. Yes, I watch you while you sleep, and I find myself wanting nothing more than to touch you. So I do.

Do you know that I touch you while you sleep? I let the palm of my hand roam freely over your face - tracing the curve of your lips, the tip of your nose, the smoothness of your cheeks. I run my hand through the soft hair on your chest, and sometimes, I rest my cheek against this cushion and let the short, curly tendrils tickle my face. I run my hand over the contours of your arms, over the hard rock of your belly, over the firm muscles of your legs. Yes, my darling, I touch you while you sleep. I let my hands roam free and I take every liberty, and I like to think that you feel this touch in your dreams.

Do you know that I listen while you sleep? I listen as your breathing goes from short and quick, to deeper, longer, and more relaxed as you leave the waking world for the night. I listen to your sighs as you get more comfortable, your groans when you're restless, and the silence when you're particularly tired and in need of rest. Yes, I listen to the sounds of your slumber, and in these sounds, I find the lullaby that lulls me to sleep.

Yes dearest, while you sleep, I watch you, I listen, and I touch you. It is only when you rest that I can find rest, and it is only by your side that I can find peace. That is why I love you - not just in our waking moments, but also  in that other world where we go to when we sleep.


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