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Seductive Love Letters - Easy Ways to Keep Your Romance Fresh

Do you remember the beginning of your relationship? It was exciting and new, it left you guessing what wonderful thing would happen next. While the fireworks may naturally simmer after a few months, you can bring them back with a few of our flirty tips. From seductive love letters to simple playful wrestling, you too can bring back the sparks . . . today!

Wrestle Around
Do you remember how you used to play fight in the beginning of your relationship? Bring back the fun of wrestling around together tonight and see where the night takes you!

Write Seductive Love Letters
Send your sweetie seductive love letters. If you don’t have the time to write a letter, simply jot a quick flirty message via text or email.

Send a Naughty Photo
Snap a naughty photo of yourself with your cell and text it to your sweetie for instant va-va-voom!

Share Seductive Stories
Tell your sweetie the story of the first time you made love as couple as if he had never heard it before. Be specific. Tell him how you felt at that very moment. It is great way to relive the moment and create new ones!

We really want to hear from you so submit your seductive love letters to us ~ Paula

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