Valentines Day

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12 Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Here are some romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day to make your love feel on top of the world.

• Give your valentine a passionate kiss!
• Give her breakfast in bed.
• Watch sunset together at the beach. Take along some champagne.
• Go on a weekend gateway and do crazy things together!
• Take your girl to a restaurant that has music and a candle at the table. Tip the music group in advance and request them to play a romantic song as you enter the place. Make her feel like a queen!
• Sneak a peek in an adult shop. (This is for adult couples only!)
• Escape to a scenic spot for the whole day!
• Write a poem to each other.
• Go for a long drive!
• Go camping!
• Propose him/her on this day. (This is only if you’re serious.)
• Decorate your bedroom with pinks and reds; light scented candles; watch a sexy movie together; and make love all night!

Can you think of anything else better? Well, don your creative hats and scribble your own list of things to do on Valentine’s Day. Love makes us do crazy things. Do them this Valentine’s Day!  Don't forget to submit them to us and share with everyone!

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