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Hot Tips On Dating A Scorpio Man

When dating a Scorpio man, it takes more than a revealing dress or seductive whispers to woo him. Although Scorpio men are sensitive and emotional, all that softness remains hidden until the relationship gets intimate. To begin with, concentrate on stirring his interest and gaining his trust. Look straight in the eye, open up and be honest in your views while dating a Scorpio man.

Scorpio men love being praised – but keep it subtle. Admire his qualities, ask him for advice, confess your love – simply make him feel special. Once he seems seriously interested, leave modesty aside. Put on that sexy dress, splash on expensive perfume and gear up to be mesmerized by his voracious sex drive.

Watch Out!

Their wildly swaying moods can make Scorpio men seem very mysterious at times. Remember – a Scorpio man detests lies. So don’t even think of fooling him. He is never going to forgive you and will continue to sting you.

Scorpio men are an extremely possessive and jealous lot. Don’t flirt with other men when he is around. Dating a Scorpio man requires you to follow lead, giving him more space. However, he will treat you royally and make you feel on top of the world with his intense passion.

Dating a Scorpio man is an unforgettably fascinating and profound experience!


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