Printable Love Coupons

Free printable romantic love coupons for any occasion.  Give them to your loved one for a really romantic gift idea or use them yourself to spark up a bit of romance in your relationship.  They are a great way to show your partner just how much you care.  Our free love coupons are totally FREE so let us help you put a big smile on your lover's face today!  

To use just click on the one you want and then print it out and redeem it with your partner.  You can also save each love coupon to your desktop to use at a later date. 

Printable Love Coupons:

$100 Shopping Spree Backrub Breakfast in Bed
Candlelit Restaurant Dinner Dance Evening Dinner In Bed
Dozen Flowers Dozen Roses Exotic Chocolates
Foot Massage Free Kiss Full Body Massage
Get Out of the Doghouse Hot Fudge Sundae Hot Valentine's Day
Jewelry Luxurious Bubble Bath Movie Marathon
Night on the Town Park Afternoon Pizza Date
Romantic Home Dinner Romantic Movie Romantic Picnic
Saturday Night Dance Second Valentine's Day Star Gazing
Warm Hug Weekend Getaway Wine and Cheese

50 Printable Love Coupon Ideas

Free printable love coupons are a great idea for any special occasion for your loved one. They can be made easily on your home computer with our custom eLuvCoupon Creator and then printed out. To make the most of your love coupons, consider some ideas for pleasing your partner. Use the coupons for yourself or give them to your partner to redeem with you.  Our love copuons can be used at any time and they never expire. If you're really organized, collect the redeemed love coupons and save them in a memory book with a summary of how it was redeemed and the date. This is a great gift after all the love coupons have been used. If you need some ideas, here are fifty unique ones:

1. You pick the movie tonight
2. I will do the dishes for a week
3. One free spa day
4. One night out with the girls/guys while I babysit
5. One free thirty minute Foot rub
6. We’ll get dressed up and have dinner out
7. I will cook dinner
8. One free day of golf
9. You get to indulge in your favorite sport
10. One free bouquet of flowers
11. You shop for one new outfit
12. I will wash the car
13. You get to sleep in
14. One night of dancing
15. I’ll be your slave for a day
16. I will write you one original poem
17. Good for twenty kisses today
18. Whatever you want in bed
19. You pick the restaurant
20. Bath for two
21. Romantic or erotic conversation
22. I’ll get your favorite dessert
23. I’ll do the grocery shopping
24. All the yard work you want done
25. One honey do list item completed
26. Breakfast in bed
27. Night of strip poker
28. Erotic email or love letter
29. One day at the beach
30. An evening of cocktails and talk
31. One hour of full body massage
32. I will share a fantasy
33. One weekend getaway
34. Shopping spree up to $100.00
35. I will tell you what I love about you
36. An hour of cuddles
37. Manicure and pedicure at your favorite salon
38. I’ll draw you a bath complete with candles
39. Romantic picnic in the park
40. A quickie whenever you want
41. A night of playing your game of choice
42. A hug whenever you need one
43. I’ll read to you in bed
44. You control the remote
45. You ask, I’ll do
46. I’ll run any errand you need
47. An hour of uninterrupted conversation
48. Champagne in bed
49. One day at the museum
50. Chocolates of your choice

With free printable love coupons, your sweetie will have something special anytime they want it even after the special occasion is over. Intimate love coupons are perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or just because. Use some of the ideas above or come up with some of your own to create perfect love coupons your significant other will sure to appreciate. Free printable love coupons are a great idea that is not only unique but doesn’t cost anything but your time and effort.


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