Pisces Love Horoscope

By Jeff Jawer
Provided by Tarot.com
For the Week Of 1

Your partner might be focused much more on career and his or her reputation this week than your relationship. Fortunately, you won't take this personally. In fact, you've got plenty of your own professional opportunities to take advantage of, so it might be nice for both of you to have a week off from any romantic pressure and focus on other matters. You'll be fully supportive of each other as you pursue your goals, which is always a wonderful sign. Your love life coasts this week, but your careers will soar!

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Characteristics of a Pisces

Your sign is the Fish and you are spritual in nature and emotional in expression and you are more aware of your interdependency than any other sign. Your element is water which symbolizes emotion. The waters of Pisces are about the waters of consciousness itself. We live in a sea of thoughts and feelings and beliefs. These waters connect each of us to one another in ways that go beyond our rational understanding of life. Your key planet is Neptune who was the God of the Seas in Greek mythology. As the key planet for Pisces, Neptune is about the spiritual and the mystical. It's about what we cannot see with our five senses. Your birthstone is the aquamarine and your colors are aqua and aqua-green. The orchid, lilac, wisteria, lotus and pansy are your flowers. The Twelvth House represents endings, but not in the traditional sense, it's more about recycling. Your greatest strength is your compassion for those in need and your greatest weakness is confusion can put you at a disadvantage.

These signs are among the most sensitive in the zodiac. Their intensity of emotions can lead them down dark paths and make them incredibly confused about their ways to go in life. They are often torn between choices and this makes them upset. Pisces are dreamers and they tend to look for the good in everything. However, this view is often skewed and what a Pisces sees is not always based in reality. These signs are very emotional and can lead to difficulty in life and in love. When in love and all is well, the world is a wonderful place. But Pisces take strife and rejection poorly. When faced with such, it tends to affect every other aspect of their lives. You are very hard on yourself and need to pamper yourself on occasion and need a very supportive and loving life partner.

Pisces is one of those lucky water signs who will get along with other water signs, earth signs and air signs. The fire signs, though, should be avoided. Stick with Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Cancer and Scorpio. You may wan to avoid Aries, Sagittarius and Leo, though. Opposites may attract but it may be more than what you bargained for.