Creative Valentines Gift Ideas for Him and Her

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by PaulaH

When it comes time for Valentine’s Day, you may want to get gifts for one another you can both enjoy. This may take some mutual planning but creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him and her are an ideal way to be closer and get something you will both enjoy. Thinking of creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him and her will also save a couple a lot of money on individual gifts so if you are on a tight budget, this is an ideal way to spend time together yet still enjoy the holiday.

  • One of the best creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him and her is to take some dance lessons. These are often free or very inexpensive at community centers and you can enjoy it for the rest of your lives.
  • How about sitting together and creating a scrap book of your time together complete with mementos, pictures and love captions?
  • If you want a night out on the town but can’t afford the trendy restaurants, another of the great creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him and her is to stay at home, get all dressed up in your finest and cook together. A romantic evening is perfect and doing it at home will save a lot of money.

If you want to go ahead and get separate Valentine’s Day gifts for one another, though, there are some great ideas your loved one will enjoy.

For creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him consider:

  • Sending him to an all day golf lesson with a local golf pro is a great gift. He can hone his skills on the course while enjoying an evening in the sun indulging in his favorite past time.
  • Think about some of his hobbies and add to his collections. Perhaps some new tools for the workshop or adding to his CD or DVD collection would be a great idea.

Some creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her indulger her in some of her favorite activities:

  • Go shopping with her so she can try on some new outfits. Have her model them for you and pick out the perfect evening ensemble. Then, take her out on the town so she can show off and feel great about herself.
  • Take her to her favorite salon and have her pick out a selection of services that she would like to indulge in. She may like a manicure and pedicure or a relaxing massage and facial.

Whether you are thinking of creative Valentine’s ideas for him and her as a joint present you can enjoy together or just as individual gifts, start planning early so you have a variety of ideas and can choose the perfect ones.

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