Last Minute Valentine Gifts

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by PaulaH

The day before Valentine’s Day is the worst time to shop. All the reservations have been made, the cards have been picked over, the jewelry prices are hiked up and dozens of men are shuffling around malls and department stores like zombies, looking for something—anything—to give for last minute valentine gifts. Don’t let this happen to you!

Even if you’re a usually thoughtful guy, you may have been dealing with any number of crazy circumstances leading up to Valentine’s Day—work, family obligations, illness, or school. You may have had the best intentions to find her the perfect gift, but now you find yourself empty handed and time is quickly running out.  Don’t fall prey to the cheesy stuffed animals, drooping bouquets or cheap chocolates.

If you want to save yourself, consider these tried and true last minute valentine’s gifts in a pinch:

  • Spa Gift Certificate - There is no woman in the world that would turn her nose up at a gift certificate to a spa. Ask your family or co-workers where the trendiest place in town is and go get her a gift certificate that she can use at her leisure. Tuck it into a pretty Valentine’s Day card and write a personal message and you’re good to go.
  • Engraved Jewelry - You don’t need to get diamonds. A simple silver locket or cuff can be had for less than $30; and you can make it into an absolute treasure by springing for an engraved message. Suddenly an inexpensive necklace becomes an heirloom. Keep your engraving short and sweet, along with the date of Valentine’s Day.
  • Books - Assuming your girl is smart, she’ll probably love getting a special edition book from her favorite author or on her favorite subject. Even if you don’t know much about it, you can ask for help at the book store—they’ll point you to the newest selections or most popular authors on a particular topic. Most bookstores also sell exquisite handmade cards, and they’ll gift wrap for you, too.
  • Collectibles - If your girl collects anything or has a hobby you can’t go wrong getting her something to add to it. She’ll be delighted that you’ve taken an interest in something that means so much to her—and you’ll be totally confident that she’ll use and appreciate what you’ve given her.

These are just a few suggestions for last minute Valentine’s gifts. Regardless of what you choose, you won’t go wrong if you put some real thought into what you get her—making every effort to buy her something personal and unique.

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