Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

This article is great for those of you who need a quick guide to getting bridal shower gifts. Get more bridal shower gift ideas, gift cards, and gift baskets in our ShopLuv gift shop ~ ♥ Paula ♥

by PaulaH

A wedding is a wonderful time for friends and family. When one is coming up, there is usually a bridal shower that is thrown by the maid or matron of honor. Guests bring bridal shower gift ideas for the bride and groom to start their lives together. Many couples will register for the items they want at local department stores and this is a great way to find the ideal present. If you do not have access to these bridal shower gift ideas, though, there are some items you can get that are sure to please.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:

* China in the couple’s chosen pattern and accompanying table linens. If you are unsure of the couple’s tastes, ask friends or relatives of the bride and groom or buy neutral, every day ware.
* Small appliances such as coffee makers, toaster, hand mixers and crock pots make perfect bridal shower gift ideas
* Bar sets that include a cocktail shaker, jigger and matching martini glasses or shot glasses
* Cookware and kitchen gadgets such as pots and pans, can openers, egg timers or knife sets
* Bed linens including dust ruffles, sheets, blankets and throw pillows
* Towels and bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders, soap dishes and decorative organizers
* Crystal pieces to accent the home like vases, trays or candy dishes
* Picture frames, albums and scrap books to house all their memories
* Books, CD’s, DVD’s and collector sets for entertainment
* Artwork or crafts to decorate the home
* Bridal shower gift cards for the bride, groom, or guests
* Gift basket with some of their favorites

Finding the perfect bridal shower gift ideas is relatively easy. Most of the larger department stores will have a home section and you can get a lot of ideas from those sections. Think about what will be needed to set up a new home and you can come up with plenty of appropriate bridal shower gift ideas with various prices to suit any budget. It is generally best to purchase tangible items for bridal shower gift ideas simply because it is more fun for the bride and groom to open them.

However, it is also perfectly acceptable and often more convenient for those who are having difficulty coming up with bridal shower gift ideas to give the gift of cash, a gift basket, or get a gift card that can be used for any item the couple may want. Choose a gift card or basket from a well known home store. Or, you can even go with a prepaid gift card that can be used at any store around the world and even for online purchases via the Internet.

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