Baby Shower Gift Ideas

We make buying a baby shower gift a breeze with this article on baby shower gift ideas. Be sure to check out our ShopLuv gift shop section for more baby shower gift ideas ~ ♥ Paula ♥

by PaulaH

If you have a friend who is about to have a baby, you will likely need to find some baby shower gift ideas. For the best baby shower gift ideas check with where the parents have registered first. You can get some great selections at varying prices to suit your budget while still getting exactly what they will want. Plus with using the registry you do not run the risk of having the same baby shower gift ideas as someone else and making the parents take items back because they received duplicates. You can see exactly what was and was not already purchased and what they may still need.

If the registry isn’t possible, however, there are several baby shower gift ideas that can be purchased that are sure to be loved and appreciated. Because babies grow very quickly and they are in constant need of multiple items, you really can not go wrong with purchasing some of these items.

For some baby shower gift ideas consider:

* A bath set complete with baby tub and all the accessories
* A diaper gift set that includes Diaper Genie, diaper holder and a box of diapers for each stage of growth
* Extra bedding such as fitted sheets in solid colors to match their décor
* A variety of clothing options in progressive sizes so when the baby grows he or she does not only have infant clothes
* A feeding set with bibs, bottles, bowls and baby spoons
* Stuffed animals
* Books to read to the baby, especially ones with different textures for tactile sensations
* Soothing music to help put the baby to sleep
* Educations DVD’s that will catch the baby’s attention and help with development
* Toys that will assist the child’s social, motor and language skills

When purchasing baby shower gift ideas, it is a good idea to use a registry as the parents know exactly what they want and already have which you may not be privy to. However, not everyone registers for baby products or you may not have access to them. In such cases, using some of the go-to baby shower gift ideas will help alleviate any stress when it comes to what to buy for a shower. You want your friend or family member to have a head start on the baby products available to make it easier on the parents. So, using some of the best baby shower gift ideas will get them well on their way.

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