Zodiac Love Matches

Use the love thermometer to test out how hot your relationship is!  It's fun and it's free so use it over an over again to test your zodiac love matches.

Put Twists To Zodiac Love Matches Test!

Nah, our zodiac love matches test is not a kinky sex game where you stick digital thermometers in strategic body orifices to determine hotness, and therefore, readiness for deeper sensual stimulation. That should give you ideas, though, for the next time you want to add oomph to your monogamous sex life.

Unfortunately for your dirty mind, our zodiac love matches test is a harmless enough game of matching your name and that of your dream partner’s name and then assessing your compatibility for a relationship. Think of this as a variation of those high school name games, albeit the zodiac love matches test is more grown up.

Grown up as the zodiac love matches test can be, however, you can only conjure up so many of your exes’ names into the mix plus a healthy list of hunky celebrities before you get bored with it all. You can add pizzazz to the zodiac love matches test by throwing in these twists:

• Instead of just your male exes and fantasies, submit the name of female individuals. This is for amusement purposes only so there will be no harm in giving in to your bisexual fantasies, if you have any.

• Submit the names of the most incompatible couple from among your circle of friends and then tell them the results of the zodiac love matches test. You might be surprised at how closely the game can predict the state of the relationship!

• Enter the names of the most successful couples you know and then ask them what they think of the results. You will be surprised, too, of how far off the mark the zodiac love matches test can be!

• Make bawdy remarks about the results of the love thermometer game, which ought to up the ante beyond the usual percentages of relationship success. Say, translate “69% of success to that most pleasurable of sex positions”.

You can even place bets of the salacious kinds on our zodiac love matches test! For example, whoever provides the nearest answer to the compatibility test results will have the privilege of ordering consequences on the loser. Think of it as a truth-or-dare game but without the truth part. You can be as imaginative as you want with the consequences such that your sex life will have a new facet to it via the zodiac love matches test. (The thermometer-in-your-orifice, me-nurse-you-wounded-soldier role play sounds good, huh?)

Whatever twists you put on our zodiac love matches test, always remember to do them in the spirit of fun for that is exactly what the game is about – fun for you and your friends and your partner.

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