Free Printable Love Coupons

You can use printable love coupons any day of the year to surprise your honey or get some well deserved attention if using them for yourself!

Use our printable love coupons.

Your Wish List: Free Printable Love Coupons!

Whoever says that gifts have to be material in nature have yet to encounter the joys of free printable love coupons. With love coupons, you can be a practical cheapskate without the aura of an Ebenezer Scrooge, which comes in handy in this recession-filled Christmas season.

You have to keep in mind, however, that there are no one-size-fits-all free printable love coupons simply because each person you give it to occupies a unique place in your heart and life. You will definitely not dare to give as gifts free love coupons with one half-hour of mind-blowing fellatio to your parents, will you? Or washing the dishes for a friend a thousand miles away? You get the point.

That said, here are bright ideas for love coupons that will make them unique to each recipient. Just remember to correctly label each booklet of free love coupons with the right name, lest you have to be called to do something you and your recipient will both be icky of!

For your husband, you will not have too much difficulty compiling the love coupons because you ought to know his likes and dislikes. It can be as simple as an hour each of foot rub, body massage, and facial and neck massage, to as elaborate as a night of sexual fantasy with the whole smorgasbord of sex toys. Indeed, you can include in the customized free love coupons things that you want your husband do to you. Talk about giving out not-so-subtle hints!

For your children, you can give them a break from your parental concern that they view in less-than-positive ways – suffocating parental control. You can give them personalized free printable love coupons that contain relatively harmless concessions like an hour more of television before bedtime as well as significant decisions like letting him drive the car to the supermarket on his student license - with you aboard, of course.

As to your parents, you can always provide them with customized free love coupons with activities like out-of-schedule visits with the family, bake-a-cake day like when you were young, and even the pleasure of being their baby for a day. Basically, your gift of free love coupons for your parents should speak of your love and concern for them even when you have a family of your own now.

Indeed, with a little imagination, a few clicks of the mouse, a few snips of the paper, a few flourish of the pen, and a whole lot of loving, your personalized free printable love coupons will be a hit the whole year long. And who says love should only be given on Christmas day? But that’s another story.

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