Love Certificates

Free printable love certificates are a cool way to surprise your partner on any occasion!

Use our Free Printable Love Certificates now and have some fun with your honey!

Love Those Love Certificates (Men Only)

For those men who think that love certificates are equivalent to gift certificates albeit to an all-night, all-out night of lovemaking, love certificates are actually pieces of paper that express feelings of love in so many poetic words. You can think of love certificates as awards of recognition-cum-big greeting cards-cum-love letters to your beloved partner in life. And if her joy turns her on to an all-night, all-out night of lovemaking, well, you can think of love certificates in that way, too.

You will love best the versatility of love certificates as stated above. There are, however, other things you will love about them. Read on and find out.

• You will not be overstretching your non-existent literary skills because, just like store-bought greeting cards, love certificates come complete with lovey-dovey words - just perfect for the couch potato who loves his social animal!

• You will not be pushed to the edge of Van Gogh artistic madness because love certificates contain professionally-made and artistically-drawn designs, which are definitely one huge improvement over your stick figures. And admit it, drawing hearts and flowers and coloring with pink and lavender can make a dent on your masculine ego!

• Your partner will have a concrete reminder, framed and hung to boot, of your protestations of love. When your upbringing encourages taciturn attitudes toward verbal expressions of affection, love certificates are the way to go. You can even be excused from saying “I love you” often because your heart is in those love certificates.

• You need not get your butt off the couch to shop for love certificates. Whatever for when you can shop online and have these delivered to you, lock, stock and barrel?

• You need not fret about all the special occasions – Valentine’s Day, boyfriend-girlfriend monthsary, wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary, birthdays, first times, etc. etc. etc - that will come about during the year. Why? Because there will always be appropriately-worded and appropriately-designed love certificates for the purpose! You can even book the supplier to mail the love certificates in time for your partner to receive them on the said special occasions.

However, do not be like the man who thought that his problem in this area was solved. One night, he comes home and innocently albeit angrily asks his wife “Who gave you that love certificate Are you having an affair?” You can just imagine the lengthy explanations that ensued.

So, when you are in a tight fix, how about batting for love certificates?

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