Couple Compatibility Tests

Taking a couple or marriage compatibility test is a creative and fun way to see if you are truly compatible with your partner so have fun with a compatibility test!

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Couple Compatibility Tests: Gauging Your Compatibility

When you are starting off in a relationship there is always a question as to whether or not the person you are with is the one.  You wonder if this is the relationship that will last.  Romance and love compatibility is a top indicator of a long lasting relationship and taking couple compatibility tests can help you answer this question.  Are you familiar with what couple compatibility tests are?  It's a really cool tool to help you gauge your romance compatibility with your partner.  It asks you a series of questions about your relationship and gives you a compatibility score based on your answers. It's a fun way to test out your romance compatibility before you really get your heart into the relationship.

Couple compatibility tests will ask you questions like "how often do you and your partner quarrel" or "do you and your partner confide in each other easily". Depending on how you answer the questions you will get a score based on a percentage. The score can range from a low percentage for not much love or romance compatibility to a higher percentage for a high love compatibility. If you pass couple compatibility tests with flying colors then the odds of the relationship lasting are much higher.  In order to truly gauge your romance compatibility, you should make sure to answer the questions truthfully and honestly.

Although couple compatibility tests can give you a prediction on how long your relationship will last, it is really up to you to gauge it accurately. You should analyze your relationship and be honest with yourself if you really want a chance at making a go of it.  Do both of you put forth equal effort in being romantic?  Do both of you really listen to each other? Part of romantic compatibility is that the effort is there on both parts fairly equally.  This does not mean you need to bring out a score card.  It also means neither party feels the other is sacrificing more or giving more to the other without reciprocating. 

If both are happy with the degree of romance in the relationship there is probably romance compatibility and taking couple compatbility tests can be just for fun.  Also, if both are happy with how the romance is communicated, there is probably romance compatibility.  The time to gauge your compatibility is pretty early on in the relationship before a more serious commitment is made.  If you like the companionship of the other person but you are more friends than lovers this may not show romantic compatibility.  You may like the other person but is it relaly a long term sustainable relationship? 

Remember that as you become more committed in the relationship, the newness wears off so some effort needs to be made.  If you have romance compatibility, both will be willing to make that effort and odds are the relationship has a better chance of working.  If there is a lack of romance compatibility, though, one of the people in the relationship may start to feel resentful, hurt or neglected.  Feelings such as those caused by a lack of compatibility will harm the overall relationship eventually.  So, it is better take couple compatibility tests to gauge romance compatibility as soon as possible before making a deeper commitment to one another.


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