Better Late Than Never

by Admin 3. February 2010 15:54

new years resolutions For this blog post I really wanted to revisit my new years resolutions and see where I was at so far.  There's a notebook I always keep with me in which I continuously write down my goals, ideas and dreams, and after the new year had already been rung in, Shawn actually had to remind me to write down my goals (resolutions) so I wouldn't forget them.  So I missed the actual deadline but better late than never right.  Upon some gentle urging, here is what I came up with:

  1. Healthier body and mind
  2. Make an effort to be more social
  3. Make time for more intimacy
  4. Debt free by end of the year
  5. Visit British Columbia

So just about everyone and their dog always has some version of goal one on my list, but I went a step further and added the "mind" to mine because I feel the two go hand in hand.  I don't know if you can truly have a healthy body without having a healthy mind.  I'm happy to report that I have really been working hard on this goal.  Exercising my body has become somewhat routine with five Zumba classes a week coupled with strength training and stretching.  I keep telling myself I'm going to try yoga again, and so far that hasn't materialized.  Maybe that's the link between mind and body I really need right now. For the mind part...I feel like I've done a better job so far this year at learning to control those thoughts that are always churning in my head.  I know you know what I'm talking about.  When you're laying in bed at night going over that meeting you have in the morning or you're driving your car and going over that grocery shopping list...that's the noise in your head that seems to run on autopilot.  A healthy mind in my opinion means being able to control those thoughts and turn them off at will.  What I've done is incorporate an easy version of meditation and try to create a relaxed atmosphere at home for at least two hours before I'm scheduled to jump into bed.  So far so good and it's made a huge difference in my sleep patterns and calming the head chatter that usually goes on during the day.  Reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle has also helped greatly and I'm appreciative of that.

People that know me well know that I'm shy by nature, and that's why Shawn and I make such a great couple.  He's the exact opposite of me, a true social butterfly.  My goal of being more social is tied to goal one because I find it hard to feel terribly comfortable in a social setting when I'm worried about how my body looks.  I mean that's true with intimacy too.  I've noticed that when I'm in shape and I feel good about my body...I'm much more willing to put on that slinky dress or sexy piece of lingerie.  Shawn would love nothing more than seeing that more often than he does, and making him happy makes me happy so the gym has been seeing a lot of me lately.  

One thing I commonly hear from other couples, especially ones where children are involved, is that they have to literally schedule "date nights", which means they are actually scheduling their sexual escapades or sex just doesn't happen.  Shawn and I lead busy lives so this rings true with us too.  I have to admit that I've been a little lazy with this one, hence my goal of making more time for intimacy is on the list.  There's been no argument from Shawn on this one to date.

Living debt free has been a goal of mine for many years because I feel like it's a real burden that can cause so much worry, pain and anxiety not only in a relationship but on a personal level as well.  It seems like in this society as soon as you get a pay raise, you get a debt raise with that new house or new car and it turns into this never ending cycle of always trying to repay your debts.  I'm trying something different here and working on getting myself out of the rat race and I can tell you it's truly exciting to think that we won't have that weight on our shoulders forever so so many Americans end up doing.

So why is visiting British Columbia on my list?  It's contains some of the most beautiful nature and wildlife one has ever had the privilege of laying their eyes on.  I'm obsessed with bears and for me, seeing one in person (not up close of course) is a soul healing experience for me, as is all nature and wildlife.  One of the best trips I've ever taken was to Yellowstone.  Knowing that a place like that actually exists and that I can visit it anytime I want really warms my heart and makes me feel all fuzzy inside.  Water has that effect on me too.  This goal is tied to goal one too in terms of healing the mind.  For me, nature has a funny way of doing that.  Maybe for you it's something totally different but I really encourage you to seek that out for yourself and incorporate more of it into your life if you can. 

Well, I'm glad I revisited my list and re-evaluated my progress and hope you make it a point to stay on track with your goals for 2010!

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