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by Admin 26. October 2009 17:53

free online dating It seems that the free online dating sites are taking over the world. They have really picked up momentum and traffic…with the number one dating site in the world now a free one. I haven’t personally tried any of them (I’m a taken gal so I don’t need to obviously) but wonder if they hold up to the hype. I think it’s a good concept given it’s similar to ours in nature…but wonder if their members really take them seriously. Here are some free online dating sites to check out if you’re in the market for someone new:

Free Online Dating Sites:

1. - according to, the net’s largest social networking news site, now reports that is the number one dating site in the world and the number six most trafficked website on the internet today. That’s pretty phenomenal considering the story on this site. It was started by one guy in 2003 who ran it as a one man show all the way until 2008 when he finally hired a customer service rep. If you think about that in the big picture…similar sites like and (both paid sites) have hundreds of people running those sites at any given time…you can see what a big deal that site has been in the web world. People flock to this site like flies so there’s plenty of fish to choose from here.

2. – this site actually started out marketing itself on the premise that it offered a cool “dating persona test” and the site just took off from there. Now it’s a full service free online dating site that boasts some big traffic numbers and their growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

3. – this site is’s attempt to cut into the free online dating sites market. Obviously this site is backed by one of the big boys so it’s clean, professional, and appears to be in good order. I think I’d probably try this one first and then work my way around to the others later if I was actually in the market.

With so many choices these days for online dating sites, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out which one is the right one for you so you just have to take a leap of faith and start navigating your way through the online dating maze. Each site has their own unique features to draw new users in so decide which ones are important to you and go for it.

I know from my own personal experience that dating sites actually work. I met my fiancé Shawn on over nine years ago and we’ve been going strong ever since. So I’m living proof that they do work so take the time to take the questions seriously if that’s the premise for the matchmaking or whatever they request of you because after all…love is truly what makes the world go ‘round!


Paula ;)

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