Astrological Wedding Date Selection

Using astrology to select your wedding date is a great way to enhance your marriage and start off on the right foot.

by PaulaH

A wedding is a joyous event celebrating the commitment between two people. There needs to be a solid foundation present for a marriage to work and no outside beliefs or superstitions will make or break a marriage if it is already solid. However, for those who are inclined to believe in astrology, using astrological wedding date selection to enhance the marriage can be an added bonus to the union. It takes an already sound relationship and uses astrology to enhance it. Marriage is difficult enough. It couldn’t hurt to make sure all your bases are covered and ensure you have a positive date selected. What is astrological wedding date selection?

The way astrological wedding date selection works is there is a chart made for the wedding. It also works in conjunction with the existing relationship between the two parties. Every couple has strengths and weaknesses and the purpose of the astrological wedding date selection is to determine where those strengths and weaknesses lie. Then, dates are analyzed and corresponding strengths and weaknesses are identified. The possible wedding dates are looked at individually to determine the best possible date in order to enhance strengths and augment weaknesses.

For example, if the couple has an existing weakness within the relationship and the potential wedding date they chose shows a corresponding similar weakness, this is not a good date because it has the possibility to further weaken this aspect of the relationship. The key is to find a date that works in harmony with the couple and allows the couple’s good points to shine and detract from the negative.

Astrological wedding date selection is typically done by a professional astrologer for a fee. The fee varies depending on the person. There are several pieces of information the astrologer may need in order to complete a wedding chart and determine the best wedding date. Birth information for both partners is necessary including dates of birth, cities and times. Many astrologers will also want to have a discussion with both parties regarding the relationship and what they consider their positive and negative points. They will also take the time to get a feel for the couple to help determine the best possible date for the wedding.

Selecting a wedding date based on astrology is no guarantee the marriage will work but for those who believe in it, can make the day a much more pleasant experience. If it works, the marriage can be enhanced and allow the positive aspects to be strengthened further and the negative bolstered so as not to be as detrimental. Giving the marriage as many advantages as possible can certainly never hurt so try astrological wedding date selection.

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