Can Astrology Affect Your Love Life?

The astrology of love and sex plays a significant role in your relationships with others...

by PaulaH

Being aware of your partner’s astrological charts and sign can give you a better understanding of their actions and/or potential reactions in certain situations such as a relationship or even marriage. Astrology can also give you valuable insight into your own sexuality and the possibility of compatibility with your partner.

The sun, moon, planets, and stars hold many answers to your questions about love, romance, and sexual compatibility. The planet Mars is an important indicator of sexual compatibility with your partner. Mars rules your sex drive as well as your partners and can give you valuable insight into your sexual compatibility. The Sun can tell you about your own energy and how it relates to your partner’s energy. Venus is the planet of love and rules romance and the charms of the female. The Moon rules the mind and the state of emotions which play an important role in any relationship and determining compatibility.

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