Astrological Compatibility

Checking your astrological compatibility with your partner might be a good idea if you want to start off on the right foot.

by PaulaH

If you have met someone new and are very excited about the prospect of a long term relationship, you may want to check your astrological compatibility also. There are no guarantees that astrological compatibility will mean you will have a long lasting, happy relationship. For that matter if you check your astrological compatibility and find there are issues, this does not mean it won’t be successful. There is more to a relationship, obviously, than what is in the stars. But for some people, getting that extra boost is important. Do you put stock in horoscopes, charts or psychics? If so, you may want to check out your new love interest.

The first place you should go is to your astrological compatibility based on your signs. Make sure you know your new love interest’s birth date so you can look up the sign. Then, look online for astrological compatibility comparisons. What you will find are all the signs that are highly compatible with you along with the ones that very much are not. Where does your new partner fit in? If he or she shows a strong astrological compatibility, then that’s great and you have the potential of making a great match! However, what if the stars show that your astrological compatibility is akin to oil and water?

We all know oil and water don’t mix but that doesn’t necessarily mean you two won’t. There is also the saying of opposites attract. What you need to be aware of regarding astrological compatibility is that it is not the end all be all determination of a successful relationship. It may mean, though, that you have to work a little bit harder at finding harmony within your relationship. For example, if you are a sign that has a tendency toward passion and heat while your partner’s sign traits are more sedate, you may need to commit to meeting in the middle sometimes and compromising.

Astrological compatibility can be a fun tool to use as a game to see if you are meant to be together. It may also have some basis in fact. It all depends on your beliefs and what you put stock in. Regardless, make sure you do not measure the entirety of your relationship on just the stars because there is so much more that goes into being successful. Use it as a starting point to see where you may need to work harder instead.

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