Chinese Love HoroscopesChinese Love Horoscopes

Many of us know the western zodiac by heart, and have poured over it seeking a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our futures. But did you know that the Chinese zodiac actually predates ours by thousands of years?

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by PaulaH

Once you get into it, you’ll find that it is an incredibly accurate system; and you will be fascinated to learn about the compatibility between signs in Chinese Love Horoscopes.

Chinese astrology is actually based on a lunar calendar with 12 months. Depending on the year you were born in on the western calendar, you can calculate your sign as one of 12 animals that correlate with certain personality characteristics:

  • The Rat: Charming, sociable person with a quick wit who can also be crafty and selfish.
  • The Ox: Ambitious, stubborn, and strong-willed person who is not easily thrown off track.
  • The Tiger: Adventurous, assertive (and aggressive); a person with great passion.
  • The Rabbit: Sensitive, refine, and somewhat aloof. This type is meek but also wise.
  • The Dragon: Lucky, confident and enterprising. He or she is dynamic and powerful.
  • The Snake: Cautious, intuitive and thoughtful; thinks things through acts deliberately.
  • The Horse: Free spirited, quick tempered and physically active; cannot be contained.
  • The Goat: Introverted, artistic and generous; he or she is a natural worrier.
  • The Monkey: Charming and the life of the party.
  • The Rooster: Honorable, straightforward, opinionated. Like structure and stick to the rules.
  • The Dog: The honest, caring, selfless type who believes in self-sacrifice.
  • The Pig: Sincere, guileless and hardworking; a pig says what he or she means.

Chinese Love Horoscopes
Just as in western Astrology, there are pairings that make more sense than others. Of course, most couples don’t consult astrology before they meet someone and fall in love, so if you’re already in a relationship you can learn about one another’s characteristics and then find ways to accommodate your individual needs.

Chinese love horoscopes may seem unfamiliar at first, but once you start studying them you’ll recognize a lot of similarities between these 12 signs and the 12 signs of the western zodiac. There are even books and websites which will let you combine both your Chinese sign and your regular sign to come up with a complete picture of your personality.

Should you take your Chinese love horoscopes seriously? Obviously there are lots of factors that go into the success (or failure) of any given relationship. But this method has been used and depended on for thousands of years, so there must be something to it. Why not check it out?

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