Astrological Baby Name SelectionAstrological Baby Name Selection

If you want to bring good luck upon your new baby then astrological baby name selection is a great place to start.

by PaulaH

Have you considered astrological baby name selection? When a couple is having a baby, one of the most important and most enjoyable parts of the process is picking out a name for the newborn. Every parent wants to give their child as many advantages as they possibly can and this is why there is so much consideration when it comes to the name. Some parents want to continue a family legacy by naming the child after a family member. Others want to have a name with a significant meaning. Some even go so far as to look to astrological baby name selection for potential names to make sure the baby’s name will bring it luck. Using astrology in choosing a baby name is a growing trend among parents.

Finding out whether or not a baby name is lucky is sometimes a complicated process. Although there are many ways to determine the name of the baby, when taking astrology into consideration, there are two primary schools of thought. The first one includes star and sun signs as well as names of the baby. However, this process of astrological baby name selection can only be completed upon the birth of the baby. The date and time of the baby’s birth is just as important as the name in this methodology.

However, you can use a good guess as to the birth date of the baby. With today’s prenatal technology, the due date can be fairly accurately estimated for astrological baby name selection. This can help with planning what the sun and star signs of the baby might possibly be. With this information, the astrological forecast, coupled with the possible baby names can determine many of the traits of the baby.

Numerology is the other primary school of thought when it comes to astrological baby name selection. The process for determining the luck of the baby’s name is a somewhat complicated procedure. Basically, you decide on some first and middle names. You will already have the baby’s last name. A numerical value is assigned to each name using astrology and taken individually, determines whether each name is lucky in and of itself. Then, combinations of the name are also taken into consideration and numerical values assigned to each. Finally, the entire name is taken into consideration and numerical values assigned for astrological baby name selection.

Each step in the process of choosing a baby name is designed to determine whether the first, middle and last names are lucky and whether or not the full name is lucky. If the last name is determined to be unlucky by itself according to astrology, there is nothing that can be done about that. However, you can counteract the bad by coming up with extremely positive first and middle names and a complete name that will bring the baby good fortune. Astrological baby name selection is a complicated process but if it is something you believe in, taking the time to work it out may be beneficial and bring you peace of mind.

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