Traditional Anniversary Gifts

For those of you lacking any real creativity, traditional anniversary gifts can be a life saver!

by PaulaH

Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again.  No, not the holidays.  It’s anniversary time.  You know it is coming and you need to plan for it.  Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to decide on what to get your wife.  Also, unless you want to spend a pretty miserable anniversary…not to mention the next several weeks…do not, under any circumstances, forget it.  Even low maintenance women don’t take too kindly to forgetting such an important event.  But don’t fret if you are having a hard time coming up with anniversary ideas.  Thankfully there are traditional anniversary gifts outlined so you don’t have to do a lot of thinking at all.

The traditional anniversary gifts are as follows for each year:

* 1st - Paper
* 2nd - Cotton
* 3rd - Leather
* 4th - Linen, Silk
* 5th - Wood
* 6th - Iron
* 7th - Wool, Copper
* 8th - Bronze
* 9th - Pottery, China
* 10th - Tin, Aluminum
* 11th - Steel
* 12th - Silk
* 13th - Lace
* 14th - Ivory
* 15th - Crystal
* 20th - China
* 25th - Silver
* 30th - Pearl
* 35th - Coral, Jade
* 40th - Ruby
* 45th - Sapphire
* 50th - Gold
* 55th - Emerald
* 60th - Diamond

OK, maybe you do need to do some thinking but really, not much.  You at least have a guideline as to where to start.  Now you can get creative.  For example if it is your first anniversary, tradition dictates that paper is given.  Think about all the paper products you can get.  There are stationary, books, scrap books, magazine subscriptions, gift certificates or poetry just to name a few. 

Granted, some years may be easier than others.  For example the precious metals and gems might be a no brainer.  What woman doesn’t like some jewelry?  Of course, then you have to go about finding that perfect piece but at least you have it narrowed down.  Do you get a ring, bracelet or earrings?  What setting do you get?  For your sixth anniversary select some iron works or art.  Whatever you do guys, don’t actually buy her an iron.  Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are a great start to finding an ideal gift.  Use them as a guideline and then let your creativity take off from there.  Don’t wait too long, though.  You want to make sure you have something special for your special lady.

Submit Your Anniversary Ideas Here!

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