What is Romance?

What is romance anyway? This article can help answer that age-old question.

by PaulaH

Romance is love between the two people, yet it is much more than the pure love of a mother and a child. Romance is much more than the pure biological need for the opposite sex as well. This is only proved by the various romantic love poems and heart breaks, so what is romance? It is above all other human bonds; romance is the feeling of affection and soul attachment with the one you love.

However, romance is difficult to define in words and is in effect something to feel and experience rather than to talk about. If you haven’t been in a romantic relationship, it will be difficult for you to understand it simply through words. A multitude of rainbow hued emotions and love are involved at all levels when you feel romantic love. Love inspires you and brings your self to dizzying heights. Nothing seems impossible when one is in love and in order to please one’s love, you could do anything. Once you have found your true love, you want to keep it for life; nothing else matters and romantic lovers can do anything even give up their lives for the one who matters. Such motivation and power romantic love has over you!

Romance opens up your heart and soul to all things beautiful, you now appreciate the snow-capped mountains, the beauty of a rainbow, the clouds and the running waters. This is the power of romance in your life, all the things you never stopped to see, feel simply outstanding. With your heart filled with so much love and passion, the world around you looks beautiful too, from flowers to people, nature to music, poetry to drama, you begin appreciating and loving everything. Romance transforms you completely into a more loving and appreciating person; you can see the sunshine and the moonlight and understand the nuances of poems you never liked.

Once you have found the one you love and can spend the rest of your life with, you can cultivate and encourage romance and just like any other emotion in your life, romance needs to be rekindled in your relationship. Romance is the intertwining of two souls in love and the excitement of romance needs to be well seeded in the bed of pure love and selflessness. Everybody wants romance in their lives and with continued love and caring from both spouses, it can be kept alive throughout your marriage.

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  • PaulaH said,

    u are so welcome deuce2!

  • deuce2 said,

    I really enjoyed this article! Thank u for sharing!

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