Love is in the Air

Love can be like smelling fresh roses on a sweet summer day and this article will bring back that feeling.

by PaulaH

Vacations are the time for fun, family, food, gatherings and yes, love. You can almost feel it in the air and for no apparent reason you start feeling happy. You are in high spirits and the enjoyments of reunions all around you make you feel even happier! Vacations are the perfect time to fall in love as you tend to be positive and happy on the inside and it shows.

Unfortunately for most vacation lovers, the joy of companionship is short lived with nearly nine in ten romances breaking up within two weeks. Still, vacation romance is popular and a majority of us have experienced at least one romance in our lives while being away from home. Being on vacation is a powerful aphrodisiac and returning to every day life a rude reality. So, what is vacation romance? Can it be true love or is it simply your passing fancy? Actually, true love requires more than scenic beauty and a sun tan. However fairytale like it seems, if you feel in your heart that it is the right thing to do, jump right into it. It might work out!

If you find more than just a fleeting romance and are able to connect with the person you met during your vacation, it will be a true love story! Imagine when you share it with friends, family and your children. Even if the romance follows the usual trend of ending in a few weeks, the memories are bound to be beautiful to say the least. Either way, travel with your heart and let it lead you into romance and love.

Away from home to beat the heat on a summer vacation, the long hot days and the beach with spectacular women and men relaxes your mind instantaneously. It is not unnatural to then think you could easily fall in love and allow these thoughts to intoxicate you completely. Especially when you are vacationing alone, chances are you will meet others who are out there on their own too. Conversations and meals together if you share a hotel together or hiking with a group of people from work allows you that proximity to the opposite sex. One thing leads to another and coupled with the relaxed atmosphere and the need for fun and happiness, most people fall into love easily.

There is always something exhilarating and exciting about a summer romance and they boost your confidence as well. Since you do not have much time to spend on a vacation, the urgency of finding out more about each other compares to that of honeymooners. Unlike a regular relationship, a vacation romance is the perfect romance in an ideal surrounding!

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