Divorce Advice 

Divorce can be quite traumatic for all parties involved.  Divorce advice and suggestions can be an important part of helping you get past the emotions such as anger or depression that you might be feeling.  Our divorce advice section is dedicated to helping you get the information you need to assist you during this time of need.

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Advice on Handling Divorce

Are you at a loss as to how to handle your divorce the best way possible? Maybe you are so hurt and angry that you are not thinking clearly. Or perhaps your ex is behaving in such a manner as to cloud your judgment. There are both practical and emotional aspects to dealing with a divorce that need to be addressed and you really need to be on your game to do it. Yes, that’s easier said than done but an effort needs to be made to remain calm and rational while putting together a plan of action. Now is the time to ask for divorce advice.

Planning is an important part of divorce and is especially important for the practical matters. You may be dealing with a loss of income, division of property, custody issues and legal problems. You need to detail, in writing, all the issues that need to be addressed. Do you need to discuss what will happen to the house? How about the financing? Who gets which vehicles? Will there be financial divisions of bank accounts? Do you need to find a job, better job or an additional job? All those things should be written down and then systematically resolved or a plan for resolution adopted.

Some of the issues you are on your own with and some will require cooperation with your ex. For example, if you need to discuss who gets what vehicle, discuss the financial and practical issues and come up with a solution. However, if you are faced with finding a job, you need to start with building your resume and applying and interviewing. You will have to face that and resolve it on your own.

You may still be harboring resentment regarding the ex in general and often the emotional aspects of divorce are the more difficult issues to deal with. This is normal though and it will pass. You will eventually have a sense of closure and can grieve and move on. However, in the mean time, lean on friends and family for support and keep yourself busy. Try to have as civil a conversation as necessary with your ex when you need to discuss details of the divorce. However, try to have these sessions as long as possible to resolve as many issues as possible at once. Do not have a lot of short meetings which will keep your ex continually on your mind and where you will have to deal with them regularly.

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