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Dating Tips 101

Whether you are not very experienced at dating or are just getting over a bit of a dry spell, you want to make sure your dating game is honed to its best.  You want the other person to think you are intriguing and you want to make the best first impression you can.  Successful dates can give confidence and garner even more successful dates.  Likewise, if your dates are not very satisfying, you may find yourself getting discouraged and depressed, subsequently going on fewer dates.  Dating should be fun, so there are a few basic dating tips you should apply for the best possible outcome.

Dating Tips #1 - make sure you choose people to date who you like and who have similar goals as you do.  You should be attracted to them both physically and mentally and have a few things in common.  Also, it is best to date someone with the same relationship goals as you.  Do not ask out someone you know is looking for a serious relationship when all you are looking for is a casual date or a less than serious romantic interlude.

Dating Tips #2 - be confident when dating.  Make sure you are well put together from the inside out.  Be well read and have something interesting to talk about.  Make sure to listen to the other person and contribute to the conversation.  You want to have a good discussion with neither party completely monopolizing it.  Looking your best is also important to make a good impression on a date.  Dress appropriately for the occasion but always dress impeccably.  Even if the date dictates shorts and a t-shirt, make sure they are in good condition and clean.  Also, make sure you have exemplary personal grooming habits. 

Dating Tips #3 - when you ask someone out, make sure you have a plan of what you might like to do that would entice the other person to agree to a date with you.  If you barely know the other person, meet for coffee or a drink where you can take time to get to know them without committing yourself to a long date.  You can always do that on date number two.  If you do decide on a longer date, make sure you have an activity planned that will be conducive to getting to know one another and talking.  But, also make sure there are other things to do and see in case there are lulls in conversation.  This will make you both more comfortable. 

Dating Tips #4 - finally, have fun, enjoy the date and the other person. Dating can be fun and relaxed if you follow these easy to remember dating tips and advice so have fun and go for it!

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