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Is it Real Love?

Is it love? While surfing the Internet or paging through a woman’s magazine to find the latest compatibility quiz may be fun, it really is not the best way to determine is it love. It is easy, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship to question “is it love?” But whether or not that feeling is sustainable should be asked. Many people question whether or not what they are feeling is true love especially before they declare such emotion to the other person. So, how can you tell? Is it love?

There is often confusion between love and lust. You may want to spend every waking minute of the day with the person you are with. But, is it love? Is it love if you think about sex the entire time you are together? Is it love if you tolerate the person and get through day to day activities just in the hope of getting them into bed? If this is the case, it may be more a case of lust that will fade in time. However, if you want to spend every waking moment of the day with the person in order to hear what they have to say and to share experiences together, it may be something deeper. Do you genuinely enjoy the other person’s company even if there is no sex involved? Is it love? Possibly.

If you find yourself being more romantic with the person and thinking about them when you go about your daily routine, this is a good sign. Is it love? Do you miss them when they are gone and wish they were with you when you were doing even mundane activities? Is it love? If you want to include them in your life to a great extent and make them a priority, is it love? For example, if you tell all your friends about the person and want them to meet your love interest, this is a good sign of love. If you want to go even a step further and introduce them to your family, especially your parents, this is a good sign as well. Is it love when you feel like you want the person wholly in your life? It is certainly a good sign of it.

Asking the question, “Is it love?” is itself a good indicator that you are thinking along those lines. But before you commit entirely to the person, think of their qualities in a realistic manner. Is it love? Do you like them for who they really are? Is it love? Do you want to share significant portions of your life from the mundane to the erotic? Is it love? Probably.


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